Developer’s guide

Follow these simple steps to integrate Barion Smart Gateway with your online shop.

Avoid extra work

We all love to code but let’s not waste time on what’s already done. Check out the available plug-ins and libraries for your platform. Don’t forget to read our Merchant Onboarding Policy before you start coding.

3 mins

Create your sandbox account

We provide a 24/7/365 sandbox environment for developing and testing. The sandbox is the exact copy of the live Barion software – except that the money is not real.

5 mins

Work on your website

Either by installing a plug-in or using a library but prepare the actual integration between our payment gateway and your website. If you need help, don’t hesitate to visit our developer’s support page.

5 mins – 8 hrs

Before going live

Before requesting a live approval please don’t forget to go through our checklist in case you have missed something.

Well done, ready to go live!

In order to go live, you must create a live Barion account as well. Check our quick start guide for merchants to oversee the registration and approval process.


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