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Card and prepaid payment on the desktop and mobile.

Special payment methods, within hours.

In EUR, USD, CZK and HUF currencies.

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Merchant advantages

Barion Smart Gateway usually works within hours. Payments are credited in real time, fees are low, helpdesk is helpful, Barion simply works for you.

  • Better bottom line. Owing to our unique business model, you can accept card payments with very low fees.

  • You decide when to withdraw funds from your wallet to a bank account. Funds are available immediately after payment.

  • One minute contracting. Approval can happen in 24 hours. IT integration is a few hours, or none if you use plugins or a SaaS partner's software. Our record is 13 minutes from nothing to launch!

  • Barion isn't just for payments. Barion is a powerful marketing tool, too. Feature coming soon.

  • English speaking, competent support is at your service covering business, legal or technical questions, in e-mail or over the phone.

  • Less fraud. If any, fraud paperwork will be completed by our staff.

  • Detailed transaction history is available in real time in our web or mobile app. E-mail notification sent following each payment.

  • Accounting of a Barion account is easy with XLS or CSV exportable transaction history.

  • Thanks to payment with an e-mail and password, less cart abandonment happens at payment.

  • Works on any device, with all desktop and mobile browsers, plus mobile payment works directly with our mobile apps.

  • Special payment schemes for marketplaces and sharing economy startups. Escrow, C2C and recurring token payments available.

Customer advantages

Online payment has never been so easy. Any cardholder can pay with Barion guest payment, or register a free wallet and use a password to pay. They can even save with our mobile wallet.

  • Customers can track their purchases using our web or mobile app, seeing transaction details down to product level.

  • They can enter card data once and pay with a password next time. This makes online shopping a whole lot more fun.

  • Customer card data are safe, their money and data is protected by PCI-DSS compliance and a license from the Central Bank.

  • Customers welcome merchant promotions delivered to them based on their purchasing habits. Feature coming soon.

Card or prepaid

Barion payments work directly from credit and debit cards, without registration or previous top-up.
User who register a free wallet can pay comfortably using their e-mail and password. The Barion wallet can also be used as a prepaid account, enabling customers who do not have a card or do not like using their cards online to pay securely.

  • Cash
  • Card
  • Wire transfer

Barion services

Barion Smart Gateway allows merchants to accept card and prepaid payments in webshops and mobile apps.
Special payment methods are available, such as escrow, C2C and recurring payments. Our marketing tool is coming soon.


Accept cards in any desktop or mobile browser. Customers can pay with their card data or password.

Mobile apps

Accept cards or prepaid payment in mobile apps. If the Barion app is installed on the customer's device, payment is one tap, if not, a mobile optimized web interface is available.

Special payments

Recurring (token) payment, escrow, refund, payment to third parties (C2C), payment to multiple parties, commissions and other special solutions supporting uncommon business models.

Special payment process


Your earnings are funded to your Barion wallet. You can withdraw your money to any bank account in our web application. Refund to card is just a click away. You can also send money to any Barion user 24/7 for free. All of this can be automated with our API.

How to become a Barion acceptor?

In just 3 easy steps, you are ready for accepting payments.

  • To sign our contract, register your company and accept the Terms and Conditions. There is no further paperwork.

    Terms and price packages One minute online contracting

    No setup fee, no commitment, cancel any time for free! Contracting is 1 minute, only a company e-mail required.

  • Log on and open a shop. We are legally bound to approve your shop. If payment is already integrated, approval can happen in 24 hours. In case of custom development, approval may take somewhat longer.

    Guide to opening a shop
  • Integrate Barion payment in your software, or use a plugin or a SaaS webshop from one of our partners. For custom development, you can use our sandbox server any time.

    Developer API Plugins and SaaS webshops Sandbox Server - with test money

E-commerce plugins

Our partners provide plugins for different e-commerce platforms.

You can start accepting payments within 1-2 hours using these plugins.

Plugins are either free or have a small license fee.

Wordpress, WooCommerce, Drupal, VirtueMart, Opencart, Joomla!, PrestaShop Check out the list of plugin suppliers

SaaS webshops

Barion payment is built into many SaaS webshops, ready for use in minutes.

Shoprenter, UNAS, E-shop gyorsan, Webshop Experts, Superwebaruhaz, Viltor, Corin Check out the list of SaaS webshops Guide to setting up payment in SaaS webshops

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Sign our online contract now!

No setup fee, no ongoing fees, no commitment, cancel any time for free! Contracting is 1 minute, only a company e-mail required.

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