Medium risk was identified for a purchase; what does that mean?

Our Barion Fraud Buster antifraud monitoring system assesses every transaction before debiting the card in terms of fraud risks and generates a Fraud Score between 0 and 100. Debits with a score higher than 30 will not be executed, those with a score below 30 will. If the score is below 10, then the fraud risk is very low. There is a medium risk in case of transactions with a score between 10 and 30, of which we will notify the merchant via email and the API as well. In this case we leave it with the merchant whether it delivers the product/performs the service. We recommend to check the shopper in such cases, e.g. try to call him/her or check the trueness of other data in your system.

Purchases from foreign IP addresses, with foreign cards or for higher amounts do somewhat increase the Fraud Score.

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