Documents required for video identification

Extract from the trade register or other official certificate of incorporation, registration

Please note:

  • we only accept documents not older than 30 days,
  • it is issued by the authority in electronic form duly signed electronically or if there is no such document in the given country, a scanned copy of the original paper form document,
  • it confirms that the organsiation is registered by the comnetent authority.

E.g.: for companies certificate of incorporation or extract from the company register, for private entrepreneur's official certificate.

Documents for checking the ownership structure:

  • An original document in electronic form duly signed electronically which verifies without any doubt the person of the ultimate benefical owner. E.g.: deed of foundation, memorandum of incorporation, shareholder's agreement, registry of shares etc.
  • If this is not available electronically, you have to attach a scanned copy of the original paper document, which should be shown during the video identification.

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