How can I open a foreign currency subsidiary account in my wallet?

You can create subsidiary accounts kept in Czech Koruna (CZK), Euro (EUR), Hungarian forint (HUF), and American Dollar (USD) in your Barion Wallet.

To create a new subsidiary account kept in foreign currency, log in to your wallet ( and click on the “My currencies” menu item in the My wallet menu, then click on the “New currency” button and you are ready to add the currency in question by using the drop-down menu.

If you transfer money using the Transfer option, and the recipient has not opened a subsidiary account kept in the currency in question yet, then it will be automatically opened to the recipient.

You can accept payment in any currency at a Barion shop if you first open the subsidiary account kept in the corresponding currency.

Conversion between different currencies is currently unavailable. Still, you can start bank transfers from any of the subsidiary accounts kept in any currency.

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