Terms of use of the Token/Recurring Payment

As the Token/Recurring Payment enables abusive practices, we are obliged to check our partners to protect our users. Barion reserves the right to subjectively assess the approval, i.e. meeting the following conditions does not automatically mean approval. We check the followings for approval:

  • Expected transaction volume
  • Data of the organization
  • Since when does the organization exist
  • Who are the owners
  • Inspection of information about the organization (e.g. activities)
  • We check the reputation of the organization on the internet
  • The organization should not have tax debts (it must submit a verification if it is not registered as taxpayers without public-law debt)
  • The organization must provider banker's reference about the followings:
    • since when does it have its bank account,
    • does it precisely perform its payment obligations,
    • has there been any queuing longer than 30 days on its account over the year preceding the sending of the request for quotation.
  • The description of the recurring payment must be clearly included in the
    • General Terms and Conditions or other contracts of the accepting party, and
    • it is to be demonstrated, in the process of product presentation/purchasing/ordering,
      • when and what amount was deducted,
      • and how the services are to be cancelled.
  • The shopper must, separately and digitally, accept the payment process in the ordering process (by clicking a check box, for instance).
  • It must also be written down that “Barion Payment Inc.” will be shown on the bank account statements to avoid misunderstandings.
  • We check the foregoing
    • before turning on (test server)
    • and randomly, with trial purchases
    • the accepting party must be in a verified due-diligence status, i.e. it must undergo a video due diligence. Here you can read more about video identification; here you can read more about the documents necessary for it
    • checking the documents (certificate of incorporation, deed of foundation, etc.) of the organization
    • video identification of the manager who is entitled to sign for the company (presentation of ID documents, making of various statements)
    • In case of complaints, we will limit access to the Barion Wallet, depending on the number and sum of the complaints:
    • in case of individual complaints and smaller amounts, we investigate the case (we do not limit access to the wallet),
    • in case of multiple complaints or higher amounts, we limit payments but acceptance remains functional,
    • in case of outstandingly high number of complaints or sums, we suspend the service.

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