What do visitors of Merchants’ Website need to know about Barion Pixel?

For the use of cookies on the website, a cookie notice and a data processing notice which comply with legal regulations as in effect at any given time shall be placed on the website for provision of appropriate information for users. In accordance with relevant legal regulations, depending on the type of cookie, placement of cookies and data collection with such cookies may only take place with the user’s consent. The merchant shall comply with all the above.

Concerning the above, please note that with the placement of Barion Pixel the cookie notice on the merchant’s website shall be amended.

Furthermore, placement of Barion Pixel for marketing purposes is subject to the user’s consent, therefore, the merchant shall use the consent management platform which complies with effective legal provisions and obtain consent, and inform Barion of the consent event in accordance with the technical documentation of Barion Pixel as in effect at any given time.

You may find our sample cookie notice amendment, our sample cookie consent and the requirements concerning the consent management platform here. These are the minimum requirements you have to meet. If you do not apply the above, you shall be liable for all damage arising therefrom.

At the consent management platform it is expected that the user may modify or withdraw his or her consents at any time. It is also expected that a cookie consent banner appears for the user every 13 months – but every 30 days are recommended – with his or her previous choice in order to ensure that he or she may modify his or her consent. This aims to serve as a reminder for the user on the fact that the consent may be modified.

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