What is Barion Pixel?

Barion Pixel is a java script based assessment code placed on the website of the Merchant (similar to the operation of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel) which follows the activities of website visitors. Barion Pixel placed on the website collects data on visitors concerning what products they have seen, clicked on, or searched for, put in the basket or purchased. (Detailed description of the monitored events>>>) It transfers data to the servers of Barion, and such data are not collected, stored or processed at the Merchant.

Barion Pixel has 2 main parts.

  • Barion Pixel Basic Version: its exclusive purpose is fraud prevention, it is obligatory to place it at the Shop (further description>>>).
  • Barion Pixel Full Version: In addition, as a prerequisite for more favourable merchant tariff plans, an additional enhanced code may be inserted as well (further description>>>) which aims to collect data for marketing purposes in addition to fraud prevention.

Data processing for fraud prevention purposes is the legitimate interest of Barion, whereas data processing for marketing purposes is based exclusively on the consent of the website’s visitors, in accordance with effective Hungarian and EU provisions. You may find detailed information on fraud prevention purposes in Section 5.4 of the Privacy Notice of Barion, and on marketing purposes in Section 5.12 of the Privacy Notice of Barion. In accordance with these notices, our data processing is completely transparent and may be controlled by the visitor of the website.

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