Barion Wallet for business

Pay safe and smart at more than 8000 online shops and
send money 24/7 for free.

How it works

You can use Barion Wallet in your web browser or by downloading our application to your smartphone. Take a look and see Barion Wallet in action.

Free money transfers

Transfer money to your business partners’ Barion Wallet without any transaction fees. All transactions settle immediately, 24/7.

Allocate budgets to colleagues

Businesses can have as many Barion Wallets as they want. Set up separate accounts for your colleagues to track and control their spending easy.

Secure your corporate cards

By adding your corporate credit or debit cards to your Barion Wallet, you can pay with them without typing your card data each time. It’s so much safer and easier.

Recurring & one click payments

Your business is subscribed for online services? Service providers let you pay by one click or handle your payments automatically. Forget going through the whole payment and invoicing procedure each month.

Topping up your wallet

You can top up your Barion Wallet either by a completely free bank transfer or a card payment for a small express fee – it’s up to you.

Where can you pay with Barion?

Already more than 8000 online stores accept Barion payments and still counting.

Withdrawal & wire transfer

Some of your partners don’t have a Barion Wallet? Transfer them money directly to any regular bank account from your Barion Wallet. Check out our unbelievably low regular bank transfer fees.

Reporting & accounting

Your accounting team will love Barion! Get all kinds of reports in a second starting from monthly statements to a detailed transaction list excel export.

Available in 5 languages and 4 currencies

Barion Wallet works in 5 different languages and you can open separate accounts in EUR, USD, HUF and CZK.

Try Barion Wallet today!