Barion Pixel

Barion Pixel is a tracking code that can be placed on the pages of your web store to track the activity of your visitors, such as what products they saw, what they clicked on, what they added to their shopping carts, and what they bought (like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel).

The data collected will enable us to provide our partners with marketing services (Barion Marketing Cloud) such as product referral systems, targeted advertising, or statistics.

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More affordable fee with Barion Pixel Full Version integration

The most important immediate benefit we offer in exchange for integration is the more affordable Advanced merchant package. The code insertion is easy to do, and we'll help you with that.

Learn about the Barion Pixel and its benefits!

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The Barion Pixel consists of 2 main parts

Barion Pixel Basic Version: For fraud prevention purposes only, it is mandatory to place for all Merchant.

Barion Pixel Full Version: In addition, as a prerequisite for the more affordable merchant packages, additional extended code can be added, which aims at collecting data for marketing purposes as well as fraud prevention.

How do I add Barion Pixel to my website?

There are several accepted and supported solutions for implementing the Barion Pixel on a website. Even if you have an in-house or subcontractor developer or you rent a webshop.

If you have an open source webshop, the Barion Pixel plug-ins will soon be available for the largest, most widespread systems.

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Barion Pixel and Privacy

The data collection of Barion Pixel is subject to user information, in addition, the data collection of Barion Pixel for marketing purposes is subject to user consent. This requires a consent management tool in your webshop.

The Pixel places cookies in visitors' browsers during its operation, so it is a must to add a Barion Pixel section of your webshop’s cookie and/or privacy notice when you place it. Anti-fraud protection is in the legitimate interest not only of Barion, but of all our partners and users. The collection of data for this purpose is therefore a prerequisite for opening of any Barion shop. Informing the user is mandatory when collecting anti-fraud data, but no consent is required.

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Barion Pixel and Information Security

Barion Pixel collects, encrypts and stores data in highly secure systems to prevent unauthorized access to any data.

The information we collect about your visitors with their consent is mixed with a lot of other data, therefore it’s not trackable where they come from, so we guarantee that the competitors can't see anyone's traffic or users.