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Why is logging in with my Barion app more secure than using a password?

Why do I need a Barion mobile app to see my Barion Wallet?

Add your Barion app as an authentication method

I couldn't add my device as authentication method

What kind of device do I need for the Barion app?

Can I have more than one authentication method?

How do I log in to my Barion Wallet?

Do I have to use the new login method? Can I use a code delivered by text message instead of unlocking my device screen?

I got a "Your phone isn't secure" error – what should I do?

What happens if I lose my mobile device?

I accidentally deleted the Barion app – what should I do?

I can't authenticate, because I'm not getting a notification on my authentication method

How do I enable notifications for the Barion app?

What if I need to delete an authentication method?

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