Barion Metrics

The platform for invaluable insights

Understand your raw customer data and get more engagement with Barion Metrics thanks to a simple code snippet on your website.

Precious insights

Barion Metrics is an analytics tool that organizes data collected by Barion Pixel, serving you insight on customer behaviour.

Go-to analytics

Barion Metrics analyzes data and shows you the steps your visitors have taken from the moment they arrived to your website, all the way until they initiate a payment. Peek into your customers' behavior without even using other analytics tools.

Smart search

See what products are most popular among your customers and make adjustments to your active campaigns accordingly. A super handy list of your most searched items is waiting for you 24/7 in Barion Metrics.

The power of Barion Full Pixel

Unlock Barion Metrics by implementing Barion Full Pixel on your site: apart from the perks above, it also grants you lower merchant fees