Barion Smart Gateway

The foundation for online payments

Grow your business with our data-driven payment solution for 0.99% or less.

Unbeatable fees

No hidden costs

Smooth integration

Precious insights

Unbeatable fees

Pay 0.99% or less by integrating Full Barion Pixel into your e-shop.

No hidden costs

Pay only after what you earn: there are no hidden fees throughout.

Smooth integration

Set up and get everything running in within days.

Precious insights

Get advanced insights into your customers’ behavior.

Payment methods


Accept payments via all major debit and credit cards.


Get paid via these digital wallets.

Local payments

A single integration of a multitude of local payment methods.

Payment types

Gift the freedom of choice to your customers with a variety of payment solutions. From general

online store payments all the way to recurring payments, there's hardly any category we don't support.


Recurring payments

Delayed capture

Split payment


Payments for marketplaces

Card-on-file payment

Payments for other platforms

Try the demo live

See it in action

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$ 25


Hosted Gateway on web

The most commonly used payment flow type and the fastest to integrate.

Demo Shop

$ 25

Google Pay

Try Google's digital wallet for payments.

Demo Shop

$ 25


available on iOS and macOS

Apple Pay

Try Apple's digital wallet for payments.

Standard hosted gateway? Multiple payment solutions? No matter your choice, Barion Smart Gateway delivers. Use the Pay buttons in the live demo box to see it in action.

Other payment flow types

Payment link

Mobile gateway

API only

Third-party integrations

Make the most of your data to increase your conversion, advertize online, and get advanced metrics for your web traffic.

Barion Metrics

Get better insights and better conversion rates with this advanced analytics tool.

Fraud Buster

Increase your conversions with the help of 60+ data points when scoring transactions.

Barion Targets

Make the most of your data to increase your conversion, advertize online, and get advanced metrics for your web traffic.

Everything you need to cross borders with your business

Grow your e-shop with multiple currencies, multilingual

payment flows, and local payment methods.

Local payment methods

Hosted gateway in 8 languages

Multiple currencies

Multilingual support





Hosted gateway in 8 languages

APIs designed to please nerds

Plug-ins, integrations, and a simple API, all crafted by nerds with love. Chat to our devs if you have technical questions, or join our Developer Community to stay in the loop about all things Barion.

Direct support from dev

API versioning

Sandbox environment

Samples for payment scenarios

Dev community



Rest API

Instant payment notification

API status

Dedicated to making payments safe

Barion meets the highest security standards to rule out fraudulent behaviour and to make payments as safe as possible.