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September 19, 2022

Barion Metrics 2.0 is here

As a webshop owner, knowing your customers is a must. Barion Metrics has been around as a tool to provide advanced analytics for a better understanding of who buys what in your webshop, and now we’re cranking things up the next level. With Barion Metrics 2.0 now available, you’ll get even more out of your Barion Pixel integration. Read on to find out how.

One dashboard above all

The first thing recurring guests of Barion Metrics will notice that we completely overhauled the dashboard. Next to visitor, user, and purchase count, we added total revenue plus visitor device types above the fold. This snap overview is followed by a graph that tracks unique visitor count against session count. Your dashboard is then wrapped up with a list of the most frequently searched terms within your webshop. But that’s not all – the best thing about the reimagined start screen is that you can now set any custom interval.

“One of the biggest pains our merchants had was not being able to set custom dates”, explains Daniel Zsoldos, the product owner and head of data behind the launch. “Now a user can select either a preset interval or customize it entirely by picking the start and end dates.”

Improved sales funnel and product insights

By recording and analyzing every single e-commerce event on a given website, Metrics is now capable of breaking down your sales funnel step-by-step. So, all the way from visitor count to conversion rate, you’ll get a tidy graph that illustrates how your sales funnel shapes up.

“We want our users to have a helicopter view of their product range and its performance. That’s why Barion Metrics displays the most popular categories and products, as well as the items placed to or removed from the basket most frequently” says Zsoldos. “The point is, with better insight about your own products, you can make better decisions. If you see that a product doesn’t perform well, you might want to promote it via a campaign or remove it from the range. You call the shots, we give you the data.”

Getting started with Metrics

Accessing Metrics is probably the only thing that hasn’t changed with the release of the new version. As a merchant, once you registered your shop, all you need is integrating Full Baron Pixel. This tiny code snippet will start collecting data from your webshop, and through Barion Metrics, you’ll see all the invaluable insights at hand. With Barion Metrics comes another perk: merchants integrating Full Barion Pixel also enjoy a merchant fee of 0.99% or even less.

“While Base Barion Pixel is mandatory, it only gives fraud protection for your webshop. By integrating Full Barion Pixel, you kill two birds with one stone. A tiny javascript code gets you lower merchant fees and full access to the freshly released Barion Metrics” adds Zsoldos.

Want to get advanced analytics via Barion Metrics? Register now for a merchant fee of as little as 0.5%.

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