October 3, 2022

What is Barion Pixel and why does your webshop need it?

If you run a webshop, one of the very first steps you’re looking to take is finding a payment gateway and integrating it to start accepting payments. We wrote extensively about how you can find the right payment gateway for your business – but now let’s see a tiny yet mighty option that can boost your payment gateway integration.

What is Barion Pixel?👾

Have you heard about Meta Pixel (formerly known as Facebook Pixel)? One of the most widespread “pixels”, Meta Pixel is a tiny JavaScript code that lets you track visitor activity on your website. Barion Pixel is almost the same thing, but unlike Meta, it comes with a few extra perks that help your webshop grow. You can go with Base Barion Pixel or Full Barion Pixel along with your Barion Smart Gateway integration – here are the key differences:

Base Barion Pixel

Implementing this code snippet gets you fraud detection for your webshop. Your customers can shop and check out while you can rest assured that every single transaction is monitored closely, and fraudulent activities are immediately rejected and reported.

Full Barion Pixel

This code opens a whole world of possibilities. By logging e-commerce events (like adding or removing items to and from a basket, etc.), Pixel does not only give you more sophisticated fraud detection but also comes with two extra perks. First, it unlocks Barion Metrics. This advanced analytics tool gives you a detailed view of your customers’ behavior, helping you understand your sales funnel and improve your sales and marketing efforts altogether.

Second, if you implement Full Barion Pixel, you may become eligible for a merchant fee as low as 0.50%. Other factors also influence this percentage, so make sure you get in touch with us to calculate your exact merchant fee upon implementing Full Barion Pixel.

How do I implement Barion Pixel? 🔧

Barion Pixel is pretty simple to implement – we’ll detail the steps here, but if you ever need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. To get started, first you need to implement Base Barion Pixel. This is compulsory for any merchant setting up shop and accepting payments via Barion Smart Gateway.

1️⃣First, look for your Barion Pixel ID. This is a 12-character code (BP-xxxxxxxxxx-00) that you can find under the Actions/Details submenu. Copy this code.

2️⃣Next, insert your unique Pixel ID into the sample code found here.

3️⃣Now you can insert the entire code snippet into your website’s code. It should go into the <head> tag, but make sure you check exactly which implementation type is needed for your site.

Upgrading to Full Barion Pixel 🔼

If you want to upgrade to Full Barion Pixel, the steps are a little bit different and might change from merchant to merchant, but overall, the following need to be done:

1️⃣Barion Base Pixel is implemented on your website.

2️⃣Start with the Content View event. You can later add other events as well, but this is typically the most often used one.

3️⃣Create a JS object that contains event parameters. Here’s an example containing the Content View event:

4️⃣You can then insert this code snippet into your JS code either into a script tag if you’re using a simple HTML page, or by creating a template of the code if you run your site based on a template system.

5️⃣If that’s settled, you need to call the bp function as shown below. This allows us to review and approve your implementation.

This should help you hit the ground running – however, to get the most out of Full Barion Pixel, there are plenty of other events you can implement. For the entire list, please refer to the Barion Pixel API reference documentation.

Do I actually need Barion Pixel? 🤷

In short, you definitely need Base Barion Pixel, as its implementation is compulsory for anyone using Barion Smart Gateway. As for Full Barion Pixel, its implementation is not mandatory, but its perks make it an absolute no-brainer. It requires a little bit more tinkering with your site’s code, but you can integrate it within hours, and in exchange, you’ll get an advanced analytics tool plus, possibly, lower merchant fees as well. Sound good? Become a Barion merchant today:

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