Barion Smart POS

Accept in-person payments with only a smartphone

Barion Smart POS offers an affordable and smart solution to accept in-person payments without any extra hardware, using only your Android smartphone.

Turn your Android smartphone into a POS terminal

Barion Smart POS allows you to accept electronic payments in-person without any extra cost. You can offer contactless and QR code payments to your customers by turning your smartphone into a POS terminal. After a successful payment the funds are instantly deposited to your account.

An affordable and smart solution for in-person payments

We offer no less than a cost efficient solution for brick-and-mortar stores to accept card payments. No extra hardware needed, just a smart phone. There are no monthly fees and the transaction fees are even one of the best on the market. Also if you already have Barion Smart Gateway in your e-shop then you can monitor both of them from the same account.

Card, digital wallet and wire transfer payments with Barion Smart POS

65% of in-person payments are performed by bank cards or other electronic payment methods in 2021. With Barion Smart POS you can accept all kinds of payments like contactless card payments, Barion balance or even QR payments.

Accept in-person payments in three steps


Register and verify a Barion account.


Get approval for your Barion Smart POS shop.


Download the app and start accepting payments immediately.