Barion Bridge

The best payment option for platforms

Barion Bridge allows platforms (marketplaces, SaaS webshop providers, etc.) to facilitate payments and manage payouts globally. We also take the responsibility of payment compliance off your shoulders.

Facilitate any payment

Barion Bridge is ready to support virtually any payment method: facilitated, platform, and split payments, reservations, subscriptions – we take care of it all.

Facilitated payments

Platform payments

Split payments


Facilitated payments

Customers make payments to the seller without realizing that there is a third-party platform involved.

Example: A customer pays using a webshop provider's payment solution that is partnered with Barion.

Platform payments

Customers make the payment on the platform, and the platform transfers the amount to the partner after collecting their fees.

Example: Paying bills on Etsy or getting insurance from Netrisk.

Split payments

Customers make payments on the platform, and the merchant distributes the amount between different partners.

Example: The customer check out on the platform, and the amount gets distributed between multiple merchants.


A platform can lock the money on the seller's account as a deposit and later release it.

Example: When a customer pays a deposit for their apartment in advance.

Instant payouts

Fees for third-parties



Instant payouts

The platform sends funds, unlinked to incoming payments, to their seller bank account. In countries where it's supported (e.g., Hungary or Czechia), payouts can happen instantly.

Example: Foodpanda or Wolt settling the bill with its contracted third-party providers.

Fees for third-parties

Apart from collecting the platform's fees, the facilitator can also deduct a third-party agent(s) fee.

Example: Local marketers who are distributing fees between facilitators and also paying agents.


A platform funds its Barion balance from a bank account to send transfers not tied to a charge made via Barion.

Example: A platform tops up its Barion balance to discount its service to buyers while still paying its sellers or service providers in full.


A platform allows partners to gather customer payment info first, tokenize it, and then charge recurring fees without any interaction with the customers.

Example: a customer provides their credit card details to get a monthly Spotify's subscription.

Payment methods


Accept payments via all major debit and credit cards.


Get paid via these digital wallets.

Local payments

A single integration of a multitude of local payment methods.

Get paid fast, manage with ease

Refund and withdrawal

Instant domestic payout

We wire the amount instantly after the withdrawal request in supported countries for merchants that fall in the low risk category.

Cross-border payout

Get your withdrawals wired to any country you want.

Withdraw API

Withdraw manually, or automate the withdrawal process using our API.


You can initiate a full or partial refund from your merchant account.

Refund API

Refunds can be automated with an API connection.

Compliance, covered

Facilitating payments means that you need to be compliant to all kinds of regulations. Barion Bridge shifts the payment compliance functions to Barion. We can handle KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) checks, card data tokenization or securing the payment process with our fraud monitoring system.

Optimized identity verification requirements

Risk-based KYC and AML checks for individuals and businesses

Sanctions screening

MATCH list checks

Secure credit card data tokenization for PCI compliance

Compliance with global regulations, including PSD2/SCA

E-money (EMI) License in the EU

Online and mobile payments

Hosted gateway on web

This is the most commonly used payment flow type, redirecting your customers to our payment page. This can be branded with your logo and colors. It's fast, easy-to-implement, and you'll also get country-specific payment methods by default.

Barion doesn't require you to submit any PCI DSS documentation.

Mobile gateway

A mobile-friendly payment gateway which can be implemented within your own mobile app. You can show a webview payment page within your app, or use a fully customized native interface with our mobile SDK.