Barion Pixel

The first step for better analytics

Get better Barion Smart Gateway prices and gain insights into customer behaviour with our powerful analytics tool, Barion Metrics – all unlocked by Barion Pixel.


Tap into your customer insight and make your data work for you. Full Barion Pixel gets you fees below market averages along with advanced analytics through Barion Metrics.

A tiny code unlocking a world of possibilities

Barion Pixel is a tracking code placed in your e-shop to collect information about customer events. It tells you which products people look at, what they click on, what they add to their shopping cart, and what they actually buy. It's like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, but much easier to embed.

Base Barion Pixel

1.5% - 1%

The basic version of Barion Pixel is only used for collecting and analyzing data in order to prevent fraud. It is mandatory to place in your e-shop.

Fraud protection

Full Barion Pixel

0.99% - 0.5%

The full version collects data with user consent for marketing purposes. Implementing this gives you lower fees and access to Barion Metrics.

Fraud protection

Lower fees

Advanced analytics

Go Full Pixel

On top of Base Barion Pixel, the Full version gives you a greater toolset to help you grow your business. You'll instantly receive lower fees and access to Barion Metrics, our easy-to-use tool allowing you to dive deep into your data.

Lightweight code

Use the code snippet and get started with minimal effort.

Unique webshop solution

Rented e-shops

Open-source code system

Not sure?

Unique webshop solution

The Barion Pixel code must be placed in the source code of the website in accordance with the detailed description.

Rented e-shops

Barion cooperates with many e-shop providers, making implementation quick and easy. Ask your e-shop provider for more information.

Open-source code system

For the most common systems (WordPress, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, OpenCart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart), Barion Pixel plug-ins will be available soon.

Not sure?

Not sure about your shop's category? Drop us an e-mail at and our team will be happy to help.

Fraud protection

All data collected by Barion Pixel collects is encrypted and stored in highly secure systems to prevent unauthorized access. Basic pageview and e-commerce data are only used for fraud detectio. When visitors give explicit consent to us for using their data for marketing purposes, we can also provide additional services such as Barion Metrics and Barion Targets.

A peek under the hood

Barion Pixel works through a tracking code written in JavaScript that runs in the visitor’s browser. The code expects a given input which is then pre-processed and sent back to the Barion data collection server. The tracking code snippet needs to be placed on all pages of your website. Once the required code snippet is functional, the data starts to flow over a TLS encrypted channel to Barion servers. This secure channel ensures that no unauthorized entity can access the data stream.