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How can I create a Barion shop? Does this require any approval?

You can create a shop if you already have a Barion Wallet

  • which you can register as an organization or an individual entrepreneur here,
  • or, as an individual (or an individual with a tax identification number) here.

To create the shop, select the Manage my shops menu item after logging in to your Barion Wallet. After clicking on the Create new shop button, you need to provide the following data. You can request approval if you have already provided everything. The subsequent examination usually takes place in a few days.

  • Shop name: This is what the users see as the name of the shop when they pay. You cannot use the name of an existing shop. After entering it you can save your application and continue to fill in the application form. This automatically generates a secret identifier (POSKey) which you can check in the List of shops by clicking on the Details button.
  • Shop URL: You should give an URL address where we can check your site (later you can change it to the final URL in the same form). The website must have a https certificate regarded as secure by the commonly used browsers. If you do not wish to use Barion on your website, then provide the url of the application you use, e.g. the url of the billing software. If you wished to use Barion in a mobile application, please give us the link from where we can download that application.
  • Shop description: Give us a brief description (20 to 200 characters long) of the products/services available at the shop. This is necessary for the approval of your shop, the customers will not see it.
  • Shop logo: To get the approval, the shop must have its own logo. Do not use a (stock) image downloaded from the internet, because others can do the same and you cannot have the same logo.
  • Shop category: Categorize your shop based on your activity or the products sold. You can use several categories as well.
  • Contacts: Here you should give your contact persons whom we can contact in case of business, technical or customer care issues. Your shopper will get the contact details of your customer service desk.

Data required for approval: These data support our decision-making and provide us with a bigger picture about your shop:

  • Other data: If your site is not public, please provide us with the data necessary for verification (URL accessible by us, with login name and password, if necessary).
  • Primary currency: Define the currency which you will use by default.
  • Expected turnover: Select your expected monthly Barion turnover in the defined currency from the drop-down list.
  • Average basket value: The average basket value is your total turnover divided by the number of transactions; i.e. it is the average purchase value. Please provide this in the currency defined above; e.g. 10,000 HUF.
  • Share of business customers: The number of purchases of companies (businesses) divided by the total number of purchases, as a percentage.
  • Share of foreign cards: The number of purchases from foreign cards divided by the total number of purchases; as a percentage.
  • Where have you heard of Barion?: Select the answer from the drop-down list.

To create the shop, you need an approval and must meet the following conditions. These requirements are necessary to inform customers and meet the requirements of the card companies and must by all means be met. Please only send your application for approval if the services or products sold by you on your website are not classified as risky or prohibited activities. For merchants offering unusual retail products, we suggest requesting pre-assessment in an email sent to

You can request the approval of your shop by clicking on the “Send approval request” button only if you filled-in all the fields of the form and the following conditions are met. You can save the changes in the meantime. If you use a billing software, you only need to meet the last two conditions. These are the points:

·       I would like to use the shop with a billing software only (e.g. InnVoice, Billingo, Superfaktura): This option only available in Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia yet. Please only tick this box if you really just want to use the shop for an invoicing program (not connected to your website), which means that with one of the available invoicing programs you would like to send invoices in email to your buyers and they are paying to you via those invoices without visiting any kind of website.

  • The Barion logo has been placed on the site of the shop: The uniform information to Barion users is in the interest of all parties, and the displaying of the logo is one of the conditions for using Barion. We, therefore, ask you to use the downloadable graphic elements without modification. All the logos are available in various bitmap and vector-graphic formats in the downloadable zip file below. The logos must be displayed on the main page and the payment page, at the Barion method of payment, at minimum. Download in multiple formats (PNG, WMF,AI, CDR, SVG):
  • General Terms and Conditions/Terms of Purchase on the site of the shop In most countries, e-commerce regulators mandatorily require that the General Terms and Conditions of Service or Purchase be available on the website and they also specify their mandatory content. In addition to the mandatory legal content, including the Barion method of payment in the Terms and Conditions is also necessary for the approval of the shop. This is necessary because Barion pays special attention to its partners’ compliance with the requirements of the law and user experience, due to the reputation of the brand on the one hand, and with a view to smooth cooperation on the other hand.
  • Details of the requirements concerning the General Terms and Conditions:
  • The General Terms and Conditions or Terms of Purchase and the Privacy Notice are available on the website of the shop
  • The merchant operating the web-shop is included in the General Terms and Conditions/Terms of Purchase
  • The General Terms and Conditions/Terms of Purchase has a section on paying by Barion bank card Example: “Online bank card payments are executed via the Barion system. The merchant does not get and store bank card data. Barion Payment Inc., the provider of this service, is an institution under the authority of the Central Bank of Hungary, its license number is: H-EN-I-1064/2013.”
  • The General Terms and Conditions meet the regulatory requirements (suggested informations for hungarian websites:
  • The site of shop has a privacy notice: We recommend, based on the requirements of the GDPR, to have a privacy notice on the website.
  • Products/services are available at the shop: During our trial purchase we check whether the products are available in their final form on the site, whether they are priced and available for purchase for a real price, and whether they have a description.
  • Completed Barion integration: The integration of Barion is necessary so that we can perform the trial purchase in a real environment on real products/services and to see whether the web-shop functions normally and in compliance with the card company and legal requirements.
  • Important! If you wish to display the logos and the Barion payment option to the customers after the approval only, then we recommend you to use a switch in the URL parameter, which you can give us in the Other data field of the form.

·       Top up your Barion Wallet from your bank account (not with bank card!) with an optional amount. The topping-up must be made from a bank account owned by the wallet owner (in case of organizations, the bank account must be registered for the organization in question). It is important that you do not write anything else in the reference field, provide your top-up code precisely, because this is what we will use to identify your wallet. You can provide your top-up code without separators, separated into three groups or with hyphens. You can find your top-up code and the necessary information here in your wallet.

We will examine your new Barion shop and if we find everything in order, then we will approve it, and your customers can pay in this way as well. You will be informed about the approval or the rejection and its reason via email and in your Barion Wallet as well. The verification usually takes a few days.