Conversion is king.

Our payment gateway increases your conversion rate by significantly reducing checkout abandonments.
Let’s see how we do it.

Barion payment gateway

Barion Smart Gateway works on any device regardless of screen size, operation system or browser.
Your shoppers will enjoy a seamless payment experience no matter what device they use.

Branded payment screen

Adding your own logo and background color to our
payment page will make your checkout experience
feel more integrated.


Cart content on payment screen?

Yes, with Barion Smart Gateway it’s possible to show your customer’s cart content right on top of the payment
screen. This helps them to confirm what they pay for at the very last step as well.

Available in 8 languages

We speak your customers’ language.
Barion Smart Gateway is available in the following languages.

Guest payment

Any card holder can pay with Barion guest payment, no registration required.

Wallet payment

Customers with a Barion Wallet only need to log in and pick a card on file to pay. Using a prepaid balance is also an option.

Mobile app payment

For customers who already installed Barion Wallet on their device the mobile app replaces the payment screen, resulting the best payment experience on mobile devices.

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