Fighting fraud

The Barion Payment Gateway saves money and time for you with its powerful anti-fraud monitoring system.

Barion Fraud Buster

We all hate fraudsters and the loss they cause to merchants. By checking more than 60 different parameters of the transaction and the payer, Barion Fraud Buster stops on average 80% of all card fraud.

Anti-fraud systems have different methods and approaches for dealing with fraud. We firmly believe that the best way to manage fraud is to prevent it from happening, rather than review post-analysis reports or get notified after the fraud has already happened.

Barion Fraud Buster provides the highest standards of fraud prevention by combining big data analytics with machine learning techniques. Apart from the classic rule and blacklist based solutions our system relies on dynamic real-time scoring and machine learning - thus preventing and highlighting previously unknown fraud behavior and improving user experience.

The systems respond in less than 1 second, enabling us to make immediate and efficient business intelligence related decisions. The custom-built machine learning model instantly adapts to new fraud trends, ensuring a high accuracy of classifying.

Barion Fraud Buster details

Barion Fraud Buster provides a score between 0 and 100 for every transaction. If the score is above a certain limit, we decline the transaction and do not send it for processing, if the score shows some risk, we process the transaction, but also notify the merchant in an e-mail and through the API as well. If the score is low, we consider it a low-risk transaction.

To evaluate the transactions we use an advanced system with:

  • 60+ pre-defined input parameters about the payer and the transaction,
  • a lightweight JavaScript snippet for Device Fingerprinting,
  • a hybrid scoring engine,
  • a machine learning system and
  • behavioral analytics.