How to start

Follow these steps and start accepting card payments in a day with Barion Smart Gateway. It’s so easy!

Create your Barion account

Fill out our online form and submit your registration.

5 mins

Create your shop

Create and save your shop under “Manage my shops” in your Barion Wallet account. We generate you your secret POSKey that you can use for the technical integration. Don’t forget to go through our approval checklist!

20 mins

Integrate Barion Smart Gateway and Barion Pixel to your website

Whether you are rolling with a popular ecommerce platform or your own system, it’s super easy to integrate Barion Smart Gateway. If you are uncertain whether your shop will be approved and do not want to spend time and money on integration, please contact us through the 'Customer center' in your Barion Wallet. Integrating the Barion Pixel Basic Version for fraud prevention purposes is mandatory for all Merchants. By implementing of the Full Version of Barion Pixel, you can get lower prices.

5 mins to 1 day

Ask for approval and wait for our response

If you finished technical integration and comply with all the requirements, ask for approval by clicking on the 'Send to Approval' button of the form. You will receive an e-mail from Barion when your shop is approved or if we have further questions for you.

3 day*
*In some cases (e.g. special sales volume or cart size, medium / high risk businesses, special payment options) our approval and KYC procedures can take longer.


Your Barion Smart Gateway is already up and running, your customers can pay on your website.

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