Barion Smart Gateway

Accept card payments online for 1% or less.

Low fees

Low fees can be further reduced by integrating the Full Version of Barion Pixel.


Conversion is king.

See how our payment gateway's user experience can increase your conversion rate.


Easy integration without developers

Integrating Barion Smart Gateway can take as little as 5 minutes thanks to the various available integrations, plug-ins and libraries for most of the major ecommerce platforms.

Running your own platform? Don't worry, your developer will love our super-simple API.

Payment services

Barion Smart Gateway provides payment services from general online store payments to special payment services.

What can you do with Barion Smart Gateway?

Besides conventional payments, we support a wide range of different usage scenarios.

  • Online commerce (desktop & mobile)
  • Settlement of bills
  • One click payments*
  • Subscriptions
  • Charity & donations
  • Comissions
  • Marketplaces, multiple sellers

*not under patent-protection in EU

  • Escrow & deposits
  • Booking & cancellation fees
  • Group & collective buying
  • Cashbacks
  • Post purchase upsell & one click upsell
  • Payments links

*not under patent-protection in EU


See it in action

Have a look at your customer's paying experience in your shop and check out the most important merchant features helping you to manage your own shop.


Accept payments in 4 currencies

Supported cards

Fighting fraud

We never stop putting efforts into the protection of our merchants. Our complex fraud detection system identifies and blocks over 80% of fraudulent transactions.

Security & SLA

Barion fits both COBIT and PCI security standards. Thanks to our unique IT infrastructure our SLA level is one of the highest in the industry.

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