Merchant packages

We will always automatically select the best package you based on your previous month sales volume and average cart value.


1.5% - 1%*
*based on sales volume and cart size
  • Basic requirements
  • Place card types and Barion logo on merchant website
  • Implementing Barion Pixel Basic Version
Our best offer!


0.99% - 0.50%*
*based on sales volume and cart size


Individual pricing
  • Custom requirements

Regardless of which package you are eligible for, you get all the same Barion functions and features, without any hidden fees.

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Other fees

Barion charges only for services that involve traditional banking services.

How these fees are possible?

We make your data work for you.

Our pioneering business model relies on the smart utilization of customer and cart data so that we can offer you service fees far below market averages.Low fees can be further reduced by integrating the Full Version of Barion Pixel

In addition, we seek to automate our processes to the greatest possible extent to offer services that are smooth and running, as well as to keep our transaction fees fairly low.

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