See it in action

Have a look at your customer’s paying experience in your shop and check out the most important merchant features helping you to manage your own shop.

Live payment demo

Try the Barion Smart Gateway payment experience right now. You can pay in our demo shops for tickets, groceries and even see how a marketplace transaction settles. Our demo works with your real bank cards or Barion Wallet and all transactions will be refunded within 3 working days.

Guest card payment

The most typical payment method of your customers

Barion Wallet payment

Even more simple payment for customers who already have a Barion Wallet.

Accept payments in 4 currencies

Payment methods

Managing the transactions of your own shop with Barion

Refunds, withdrawals, fraud detection, reporting – you name it, we’ve got it. Everything what you need to handle your shop’s transactions professionally is available by a single click within your Barion account.

Transaction history with fraud detection

See all your shop’s transactions at one place and see if any transaction gets flagged by our fraud detection tool. Our complex fraud detection system identifies and blocks over 80% of fraudulent transactions.


All transactions have a detailed view as well, including cart content and several other transaction information.

Super easy refund

You can refund any payment partially or fully at a touch of a button or via our API. Just like any other payments in Barion, a refund is also immediately credited back to the card or Barion Wallet from where it was coming. So easy!

Withdraw your money

Wire transfer your money from your Barion Wallet to any bank account anytime. Transfers can be initiated using Barion Wallet or automatically via our API.

Send money for free 24/7

You can send money anytime with immediate settlement to any other Barion Wallet.

It’s completely free and also works via our API!

Chargeback assistance

We all hate chargebacks, but they happen every once in a while. In case of a chargeback claim our compliance team takes over all the administration and represents your interests in the negotiations with the card issuer.

Reporting & accounting

Your accounting team will love Barion! Get all kinds of reports in a second starting from monthly statements to a detailed transaction list excel export.

Always on the go? Barion is mobile.

Most Barion features are available from your smartphone via our Barion Wallet application or our mobile-friendly website.

Download the Barion Wallet application now:

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