What can you do with Barion Smart Gateway?

Besides conventional payments, we support a wide range of different usage scenarios.

Online commerce (desktop & mobile)

General card or Barion Wallet payments on your website.

Settlement of bills

Periodical payments for utility, insurance or financial services.

One click payments*

Forget going through the whole payment procedure each time.
*not under patent-protection in EU


Apply recurring charges to your subscribers.

Charity & Donation

One time or recurring transactions for charity organizations.


Deduct commission from seller towards sharing economy service provider or marketplace

Marketplaces, multiple sellers

Consolidating multiple-party transactions, including the payment of multiple sellers, or marketplace commission fees in a single transaction.

Escrow & deposits

Reservation of an amount on a card or wallet for a given period of time. During reservation the merchant can finalize the whole or partial amount of the transaction.

Booking & cancellation fees

Particularly useful for event or accommodation booking services, where in case of a potential cancellation refunds should be managed.

Group & collective buying

Consolidating multiple buyers' payments in one single payment transaction from the merchant's side.


Facilitating cashback payments based on other transactions between different parties.

Post purchase upsell & one click upsell

Increase your cart value by adding one click upsell options after the initial first payment.

Payment links

Send out payment links (URLs) to your customers for an easy and convenient payment experience.

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