How can I get a Barion Wallet?

To create your Barion Wallet, all you need to do is a short registration. After selecting whether you wish to register as an individual or an organization, give your email address, select a strong password, fill in the form with your data, then click on the Registration button! You will then get an email (check your Spam folder as well) with the activation link. Click on it and the activation page will open. Choose a security question from the list here, give your answer to it, click on the Wallet activation button, and you are done. All you need to do now is logging in. The security question is necessary in order to prevent unauthorized persons accessing your email account to take control of your wallet by changing your password.

Important! Remember the answer to the security question well, as you will need it in the future in case of changing your password or in other cases requiring enhanced identification.

Hint! If you wanted a secure but still an easy-to-remember password for your Barion account, here are some hints.

  • Use a password which you ONLY use at us. Others could otherwise get your password, on a website with poor protection for instance, and your Barion Wallet will be accessed to.
  • The password should never consist of elements typical of you, known to many, and thus easy to figure out, e.g. the names of your loved ones or pet, your birthday, favorite band, etc.
  • You want your password to be so long as possible. It must consist of at least 8 characters but should still be easy to remember. Trying to figure out a 12-character long password in three attempts has much lower chances of success than winning the lottery. You do not need any capital letters, numbers, special characters. What is important is the length.
  • Your password should not be so complex that you would need to write it down, because the piece of paper you write it on can be seen by others without you noticing it.
  • Never give your password to anybody, even to the Barion customer service desk. That is the point of the security question.
  • You need to give your password at two places only: when you log in on the Barion website or to the mobile application or when you use Barion to pay in an online store. Always check if you are really using the Barion application. On the web, this is

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