How can I transfer money?

You can use the Bank transfer function to transfer the money in your Barion Wallet to a bank account; this is, as a matter of fact, the withdrawal of your e-money balance. To start a transfer, click on the Bank transfer button in your wallet, and the transfer interface will appear. Enter the amount to be transferred and the currency you wish to withdraw in here. Enter the recipient of the amount and, optionally, the reason. Then select the country you are about to transfer to. The different account formats depend on the country selected. Fill in the fields of the given account format, then click on the Start bank transfer button. A confirmation window will now appear to allow you to check the details of the withdrawal. If you found an error, you can go back by clicking on the Cancel button; if you find everything in order, click on the Withdrawal button and you are done.

Important! The bank transfer costs vary depending on currency and target country. You can check the details in the List of Conditions.

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