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Open and manage a shop

How can I become a Barion shop?

How can I integrate the Barion payment gateway into my system?

How can I create a Barion shop? Does this require any approval?

What should I do if I offer products/services which are subject to notification or authorization?

Why is it necessary to display the Barion logo on the main page and payment page of the acceptance place for approval?

Why are appropriate General Terms and Conditions/Terms of Purchase necessary for the approval of the shop.

Why is a completed Barion integration necessary for approval?

What minimum identification requirements apply to shops?

What is the next step after the “Approval request” of the shop?

Why has my shop not been approved yet?

From which countries can a Barion shop be opened?

What risky or prohibited activities might mean that we will not conclude a contract?

What is the next step after approval?

How can I modify my Barion shop?

What should I do if I wanted to temporarily suspend my web-shop and Barion payment?

What should I do if I wished to close my web-shop for good and wanted to end Barion payment?

Can I check the turnover of my Barion shop?

How can I repay/refund my shoppers the money they have already paid?

Why was the payment of a shopper unsuccessful?

How to register Barion transactions in you books?

Medium risk was identified for a purchase; what does that mean?

Can I collect fees from my shoppers on a monthly basis?

Advantages of the Token/Recurring Payment

Use of the Token/Recurring Payment

Terms of use of the Token/Recurring Payment

Is it possible to collect donations for my organization?

What is Barion Pixel?

Why is it obligatory to insert the Basic Version of Barion Pixel into the merchants’ websites?

Why is it good for the Merchant if the Full Version of Barion Pixel is used?

How can I insert Barion Pixel into my website?

Is it necessary to modify the privacy notice, the cookie notice and my consent management system?

How is marketing related Barion Pixel different from other marketing related assessment codes?

What do visitors of Merchants’ Website need to know about Barion Pixel?

Open a Barion wallet
Send money
Receive money
Raise the limits of your business account
Wire transfer, withdrawal
Close your account
Other questions related to Barion wallet

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