What risky or prohibited activities might mean that we will not conclude a contract?

The following activities are risky, but not prohibited, so their screening is slower and the chances for approval are less:

  • Ticket Agencies
  • Watch, Clock, Jewelry, Silverware Stores and Jewelry Repair
  • Digital Goods, Applications, Games
  • Dating and Escort Services
  • Travel Agencies and Tour Operations
  • Computer Network Services
  • Insurance Service
  • Boat Dealers, Boat Rentals and Leases
  • Precious Stones and Metals
  • Real Estate Agents Management and Renting
  • Telecommunications Equipment including telephone sales
  • Fireworks

You should be prepared to submit additional documents, licenses and much more questions if you have any of these activities. Please, if offering the product/service is subject to authorization (e.g. dietary supplements, precious metals, alcohol), then upload the license or the product-related documentation (e.g. documents from the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition) as new remarks in our Customer Service Desk here: https://secure.barion.com/Remark.

If the activity/service is not subject to authorization, please make a statement in this regard at the same place (e.g., in case of organizing non-gambling games, attach the position of the competent authority stating that the organization is not a gambling organizer).

We DO NOT provide any services to the following industries:

  • Wire Transfers, Money Orders, Micro Finance, Peer to Peer Lending, Debt Consolidation, Secondary Lenders, Pay-Day Loan Companies, Loan and Credit Brokers, Debt Collection Agencies, Investment Management Companies
  • Drugs, Proprietaries & Sundries
  • Drug Stores and Pharmacies (Except well-known Pharmacy brands)
  • Direct & Tele- Marketing Activities: Travel (Includes discount clubs), Catalog (Mail and telephone orders), Outbound (Mail and telephone orders), Inbound (Telesevices, audio & videotext), Subscription (Recurring subscriptions), Other (Radio and TV sales)
  • Cigars, Tobacco (Includes stands)
  • Timeshares (Rentals, leases and sales)
  • Video Games and Arcades (Skill Games requires registration)
  • Betting and Casino Gambling (Online casino, lottery, wagers)
  • MLM or Ponzi (pyramid) schemes (Except MLM which is at least for 2 years on market and selling non-highly overpriced products.)
  • Crowdfunding
  • Sub-acquiring / merchant aggregation
  • Websites with "XXX" rated content (porn sites, nightclubs, striptease bars, swinger clubs, brothels, red light restaurants)
  • Drugs and related accessories (intoxicating substances)
  • Replicas
  • Crypto Currency trading
  • Erotic articles/sex shops
  • Weapons for hunting/leisure purposes
  • Multiple companies under one brand
  • Terrorist activities
  • Animal Experiments
  • GM Foods
  • Sects
  • Scam websites
  • Auctions, Mock/Same Day/On-line and Penny
  • Gold Bullion Dealers
  • Car Dismantlers, Scrap Metal Sales, Reconditioned Engines and Second-hand Car Spares
  • Timeshare, Leisure Credit Schemes
  • Property Investment Companies
  • Unregulated Drug, Legal Highs and Drug Paraphernalia
  • Degree, Diploma Mills
  • Google Optimization
  • Reputation Management Companies
  • Modification, Tuning Chips
  • DVD Decryption Devices
  • Part Worn and Re-Tread Types
  • File Sharing Sites or Cyberlockers
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Ghost Writers, Essay Mills
  • Speculative Land Sales
  • Uncertain Title to and Quality of Goods
  • Wholesale of Mobile Phones and Computer Parts
  • Fulfilment Houses
  • Companies selling Life Memberships
  • Merchant Aggregators
  • Network Marketing
  • Professional Sports Clubs
  • Property Sales Overseas
  • Claims Management Companies

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