What risky or prohibited activities might mean that we will not conclude a contract?

The following activities are risky, but not prohibited, so their screening is slower and the chances for approval are less:

  • erotic accessories
  • weapons
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • e-cigarette
  • games
  • web-hosting
  • cosmetics
  • dietary supplements
  • pharmaceutical products
  • travel
  • tickets
  • financial services
  • coupons and vouchers
  • crowdfunding
  • special business models
  • MLM
  • precious metals
  • insurance brokerage
  • organizing non-gambling games

You should be prepared to submit additional documents, licenses and much more questions if you have any of these activities. Please, if offering the product/service is subject to authorization (e.g. cosmetics, dietary supplements, precious metals, alcohol), then upload the license or the product-related documentation (e.g. documents from the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition) as new remarks in our Customer Service Desk here: https://secure.barion.com/Remark. If the activity/service is not subject to authorization, please make a statement in this regard at the same place (e.g., in case of organizing non-gambling games, attach the position of the competent authority stating that the organization is not a gambling organizer).

We do not provide any services to the following industries:

  • illegal products
  • adult content
  • drugs
  • certain telemarketing organizations
  • counterfeit products
  • cryptocurrencies
  • certain dating sites
  • gambling
  • extremist groups or sects
  • pseudoscience
  • quackery
  • misleading sites

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