Barion Wallet

Pay safe and smart in more than 8000 online shops and send money 24/7 for free.

How it works?

Barion Wallet is available in your web browser or on your smartphone.

Take a look and see the Barion Wallet mobile application in action.


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Shopping with Barion is awesome.

Paying with your Barion Wallet enables you to pay by a simple password and even lets you to pick your funding sources.

Track your shoppings

You can always review all your Barion Wallet payments, including the items you purchased by each transaction.

Secure your cards

By adding your credit or debit cards to your Barion Wallet, you can pay with them without typing your card data each time. It’s so much safer and easier.

Where can you pay with Barion?

Already more than 8000 online stores accept Barion payments and still counting.

Recurring & one click payments

Online shops can even provide you subscription and monthly based services or simply let you pay by one click. You can forget going through the whole payment procedure each time.

Send money for free

Send money to another Barion Wallet 24/7. It’s completely free and arrives immediately.

Topping up your wallet

You can top up your Barion Wallet either by a completely free bank transfer or a card payment for a small express fee –
it’s up to you.


Withdrawal & wire transfer

Withdraw your Barion Wallet funds anytime by wire transferring to any bank account.


Available in 5 languages and 4 currencies

Barion Wallet works in 5 different languages and you can open separate accounts in EUR, USD, HUF and CZK.

Try Barion Wallet today!