Anti phishing

Pay safe, stay safe.

Barion is committed to fight on the web against all kinds of fraudulent activities - but we do need your help as well. In order to stay safe from today’s phishing attacks it’s becoming more and more important to get a better understanding of how to identify suspicious emails and browse safe on the internet.

We tried to collect some basic advises which can protect you from the most common phishing attempts.

Phishing emails

If you receive an unexpected email which tries to ask you to provide any kind of confidential information try to be cautious. In most of these cases the attackers try to impersonate a trustworthy, large company.

Some important advice:

  • Check the sender’s and reply-to addresses.
  • See if the greeting was personal or generic.
  • Identify any unique information which only the real company could know of you (contract ID, account details, etc..).
  • Look for signs of unprofessionalism like spelling or grammar errors.

Most of these emails will try to bring you to a fake website in order to fill out some input fields with your confidential data (username, passwords, etc..) or sometimes they even try you to make a payment.

Phishing websites

Attackers create more and more sophisticated websites in order to try tricking you. These sites always try to copy the real company’s website and sometimes they truly succeed in doing so.

Always try to:

  • Check the web address (URL) of the page in your browser bar (eg. and ensure it’s exactly the same as you would expect. Phishing attempts often use URLs which look familiar to one of the trusted companies. Sometimes attackers are really creative and they come up with weird but similar URLs like the original site, for example “” instead of “”. In this example you can clearly see that the main domain is “” instead of “”.
  • Watch the details. Sometimes these sites only look real but nothing else works on them except those functions what they want you to do. Try to click around in the navigation or any other links and see what happens. If the site doesn’t behave the expected way be cautious!

In case you have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact the real company through any of their official channels and most importantly don’t share any of your confidential information or initiate a payment.

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