Barion Wallet on your smartphone

Download our iOS or Android application to pay easier and enjoy all Barion Wallet features on the go.

Send money for free

Send money to another Barion Wallet from your smartphone in one simple step, anytime.

All you need to provide is the email address of the recipient and the amount of the transaction.

Transactions to other Barion Wallet accounts are completely free and they happen immediately, 24/7.

Sending money to someone who doesn’t have Barion Wallet yet? No problem!

If the recipient’s email address doesn’t belong yet to a Barion Wallet, we automatically send him an email, explaining how to collect his money.

Pay in online shops

More than 8000 online shops accept Barion payments.

While paying at one of these shops on your mobile, the application will automatically open and let you pay even easier – just by one tap.

Pay to nearby places or people

Our mobile application shows you all nearby Barion Wallets, including businesses who accept Barion payments or regular people with Barion Wallets. Just pay on the spot by a simple click – it’s so easy.

Pay via QR code

Each Barion Wallet has a unique QR code and businesses can display their own QR code in their shop. Just scan the code in our app and you are ready to pay.

Initiate bank transfers

Initiate a bank transfer from your Barion Wallet to any other regular bank account. Regular bank transfers can be done in any of your Barion Wallet currencies.

Track your spendings

Our transaction history provides you detailed information of your Barion Wallet activity.

See when, where and exactly for what did you pay.

Fingerprint protection

Our mobile application let’s you to use the registered fingerprints of your smartphone to access your Barion Wallet – your account stays safe without typing your password each time.

Don’t have a fingerprint scanner on your phone? No problem, you can use our special 4-digit pin lock option as well.

Download Barion Wallet now!