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Wallet fees

Basic services

Sign upFREE!
Monthly feeFREE!
Barion web and mobile appFREE!
Wallet managementFREE!
Send/receive money within BarionFREE!
Barion REST API for developersFREE!
Merchant onboardingFREE!

Money in (top-up)

EURWire transferFree!
Cash deposit at CIB Bank (available only in Hungary)1% (min. 2 EUR)
Bank card1%
CZKTransfer from Czech bank accountsFree!
Transfer from other bank accounts190 CZK
Bank card1%
HUFTransfer from Hungarian bank accountsFree!
Transfer from other bank accounts900 HUF
Cash deposit at CIB Bank (available only in Hungary)100 HUF
Bank card1%
USDWire transfer3 USD
Cash deposit at CIB Bank (available only in Hungary)1% (min. 2 USD)
Bank card1%

Money out (withdrawal)

EURWire transfer0.5 EUR
CZKWire transfer to Czech bank accounts5 CZK
Wire transfer to other bank accounts190 CZK
HUFWire transfer to Hungarian bank accounts0.1% (min. 50 HUF)
Wire transfer to other bank accounts900 HUF
USDWire transfer3 USD

Other fees

Account Statement paper based, upon request (per piece)4 EUR/80 CZK/1000 HUF/5 USD
Audit confirmation letter by e-mail (per wallet) 30,-EUR / 770,-CZK / 10 000,-HUF / 34,-USD
(net fees, they do not include VAT)
Audit confirmation letter by post (per wallet) 60,-EUR / 1 540,-CZK / 20 000,-HUF / 68,-USD
(net fees, they do not include VAT)
Monthly fee of safe custody0.5% (min. 2 EUR/5 CZK/50 HUF/3 USD)
Closing of Barion account for individuals (fee of last withdrawal) Free!

Fees and conditions of accepting online payments for merchants

Barion Smart Gateway (online and app2app)StarterAdvancedCustom
Bank card and Barion balanceBasic fee1.50%0.99% Ask for an offer!
Over 1 million HUF/80 000 CZK/3 000 EUR/3 500 USD monthly volume 1.25%0.75%
Over 10 million HUF/800 000 CZK/30 000 EUR/35 000 USD monthly volume 1.00%0.50%
ExtrasEscrow, Recurring/Token payment+0.20% Ask for an offer!
Sharing Economy/Marketplace extrasPayments with three or more parties involved+0.50% Ask for an offer!
Conditions of choosing a tariff packageStarterAdvancedCustom
Place card types and Barion logo on merchant websiteyesyes Ask for an offer!
Help us fight fraud with cart content and basic Barion Pixelyesyes
Help us with consented data using Barion Pixelnoyes
Use Barion only for electronic paymentnoyes

Definitions and Conditions

General conditions, volume based fees

General conditions
The Barion Smart Gateway fees of Starter and Advanced package apply for the given merchant if:
- the monthly average cart size of Barion Gateway payments is above 20 EUR/500 CZK/6000 HUF/25 USD,
- the monthly ratio of commercial cards and cards issued outside of the EU together is less than 2% (based on the sum).
Barion is entitled to increase its fees, if one of the conditions are not met by the merchant. In case of a formerly set tariff package if any conditions become ungratified, Barion is entitled to unilaterally determine different tariff package, or to determine individual fees (justified by the extra costs arising from the breach of such conditions) for acceptance of bank card and Barion balance, or to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.

Volume based fees
If volume target is reached, the volume preference is set during the next calendar month. The decline of volume may result in termination of preferences. In case of prominently high sales volume, there is a possibility for additional preferences, ask for our special offer!

Defintion of extra, sharing economy and marketplace services

In case of escrow the paid amount is transferred to the beneficiary's Barion account, however it is not available until the payment facilitator verifies the payment. The final amount is defined by the payment facilitator as well.

Recurring/Token payment
In case of recurring/token payment, the customer authorises the merchant with the first payment to repeat the payment with abritary frequency and amount. It is convenient for subscription or one-click payment scenarios.
This functionality is subject to a special approval process made by Barion, it is not automatically part of the onboarding process.

Payments with three or more parties involved
The paid amount is sent to several users' Barion account defined by the payment facilitator The facilitator pays the transaction fees, but can also deduct fees from the parties involved.

Definition of conditions for tariff packages

Place card types and Barion logo on merchant website
Merchant has to place the card types and Barion logo on its website according to the guidelines of Barion. A comprehensive description is published on the Barion website.

Help us fight fraud with cart content and basic Barion Pixel
Barion scores every payment for fraud risk to help the merchant avoid any loss arising from fraud. The item level cart content and the activity of the visitor are important factors in the fraud risk score and it is the legitimate interest of both parties to analyze it for fraud management purposes. This information is not used for marketing purposes without the consent of the user.

Help us with consented data using Barion Pixel
Barion Pixel is a snippet of JavaScript code that tracks visitor activity on the merchant website. The merchant has to add and configure the Barion Pixel in the source code of its website with GDPR compliant consent management. User data is used for marketing purposes only in case of user consent.

Use Barion only for electronic payment
Barion is the only mode of payment for cards on the mercahnt website. Purchases paid by bank transfer or pay on delivery are not rated as electronic payment.